A Training Centre

In the past years the missions work has grown continually which has presented us with new challenges in Romania. We do not have sufficient offices, a warehouse, a book salesroom or enough guest rooms for the many teams who accompany us on mission trips.

In order for our vision “Giving Children a Future” to grow, we need diverse seminar rooms in which we can train multipliers and also rooms for the special teaching of children.

Near to the town Arad, “Hoffnung” owns a piece of land which is 3,000 square metres. There a training centre could be built which would have enough room for offices, guest rooms, seminar rooms as well as an experiment centre for children and a salesroom for our Christian educational material.

The plans for this have already been drawn up for free and we have also already obtained a great deal of building material and pledges of further material donations. Now we are waiting for monetary donations specifically for this project in order to begin with the building. The building work will be done mainly by ourselves. Many volunteers are waiting impatiently for the go-ahead to come and help.


Most young people are of the opinion that they should leave the country as soon as they have finished their training. They expect great prosperity and dream of a wonderful easy future. But uncertainty, naivety and false promises often end in disappointment and terrible suffering. Especially vulnerable are young girls who are taken in by the seductive offers of dubious human traffickers. In this way many victims come from Romania and end up spending their lives selling their bodies in cheap joints.

“Hoffnung“has had intensive contact with the state school inspectorates and Christian schools for years. A new team from Germany should now be able to go into these schools and tell the young people all about human trafficking and encourage them to stay in Romania and make their contribution to their own country.


Dear Friends and Supporters of “HOFFNUNG“,

Newsletter BBGZ, September 2017 (German)

Bildungszentrum Newsletter, Sept. 2017
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Great events are not only anticipated beforehand but also leave their marks afterwards. It is a great joy and honour to work together with you to leave lasting effects in Romania which will contribute to transforming the country.

A part of this vision includes what we have long had on our heart: the desire to build a training and meeting centre. Here we want to make an impression according to German standards which will reach beyond the borders of the country.

Another priority attached to this vision, is a retirement home. When I told the mayor of Heltau our plans in August, he asked me not to plan the project too small. Especially with regard to the retirement home, there is an acute state of need. The waiting lists for them are so long that many elderly people wait in vain for the rest of their life for a place.

We are incredibly fascinated in the possibilities ahead. Curious? Then read the attached newsletter and allow yourself to catch the fire!

Please help us. Become a co-creator and see how an entire country is transformed!

Yours sincerely,
the Board of „Hoffnung für eine neue Generation e.V.

Wie kannst du helfen?

With your donation you take an active part in the building of a training centre in Romania. A place which represents the pivotal point where the standards will be set in order to give children and families in Romania a future, to invest in their education and to train up multipliers.