Landfill with a Vision for the Future?

When 20 years ago Roma families from the north of Romania moved to the west of the country looking for work, nobody could guess that their hope for a better life would be nipped in the bud.

Today they live on the edge of the town Arad on a landfill (Alfa) which serves as a dump for building rubble. These people have been excluded from society for generations. Due to their ethnic origin as Roma people, they are denied work and integration into the social system. But they too are valuable people, created in God´s image. Their many children dream of becoming doctors, teachers or mechanics. But their reality is hard. Their “shacks” are not insulated and have no water supply and they do not receive a proper education.

Sustainable Aid on the Landfill

In order that these people who live on Alfa can be given a future with perspective, the project “Future for Alfa” was called into being one year ago.

ogether with the Christus Zentrum church in Weinstadt, a cooperation partner of “HOFFNUNG für eine neue Generation e.V.” (HOPE for a new generation,) we want to accompany the new generation of Roma people on their journey in life, so that they can break out of the vicious circle of poverty.

We have made it our goal to care for children in kindergarten and to prepare them for the high demands of school, as well as offering them help with their homework. By giving them access to fresh water for showering and clean clothes, we want to pull down the walls of exclusion from society, and also, by giving them a hot meal every day, we want to promote their physical health and development.
Together with “Networks Romania,” another international missionary team, we will provide jobs for adults so that they can provide for their families without outside aid. Over the last 20 years the charity “Networks Romania” has successfully realised many projects among the Roma people in Romania.With the project “Future for Alfa,” we are investing in the future of a country and we are investing in people who, in their turn, will reform the country. That is why we are building a container unit on the edge of the landfill.

Our project will consist of 4 main priorities:

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    We will provide the children with showers and toilets in a container unit.

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      We will provide training and jobs in the production of qualitative products.

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        We will teach Christian values to and, as a first step, care for 70 pre-school- and primary school children in the container unit.

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          We will provide one hot meal a day for the children in childcare.

        • Our Cooperation partners:

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            Christus-Zentrum Weinstadt

            Intercultural und social ministry, headed up by Melanie Egli

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              NetWorks Romania

              Leader: Lee Saville

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                Project coordinator

                Eberhard Müller and his wife Christine

Wie kannst du helfen?

durch Patenschaft für ein Kind, Mitarbeit bei Einsätzen, Gebet oder finanzielle Mittel. Kontaktiere uns über das Kontaktformular um mehr Informationen zu erhalten.

Für die Anschaffung von 15 Container und einem Außenspielplatz benötigen wir einmalig ca 90.000 €. Verpflegungs-, Unterhalts- und Personalkosten belaufen sich auf ca. 60.000 € jährlich.

Bitte überweisen Sie Ihre Spenden unter dem Vermerk "Zukunft für Alfa"
Bei weiteren Fragen gerne jederzeit über das Kontaktformular.

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