A Charity project at Christmas

20 years ago the idea was born. We wanted to bring our kindergarten children and other
under-privileged people joy at Christmas and also help them in their need. And their needs
were and still are very large. They simply lack everything: food, clothes, toiletries, toys and
school materials.

We may well ask ourselves if, after Romania´s entry into the EU in 2007, this aid should still be necessary. But, up to now, little has changed. Romania is still among the poorest European countries where not every family can buy Christmas presents.

Appreciationund and practical aid

In cooperation with the local staff the boxes are distributed far and wide to people who live on the edges of society. They feel appreciated and accept the material aid, encouraging word and prayers with grateful hearts.

In Germany schools, kindergartens, churches and private individuals all get enthusiastically involved in the project. You need not only be an anonymous donor, you can also get involved actively buying and packaging a box with food, toys and toiletries.

The project has grown massively. Every year more than 200 tonnes of aid supplies are transported to Romania.

Operation Christmas Joy 2014

Trailer Operation Christmas Joy

Wie kannst du helfen?

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