Why a literature project?

While in Germany and other Western countries the market for teaching materials is glutted. In Romania there is a gaping hole. Only very few organisations offer attractive teaching material for kindergartens and Sunday schools. Especially for the 3 to 7 year olds the range of material is very small and stands in no relation to the huge demand. This lack of good teaching material has concerned us for a long time. New ideas, suggestions and material for Christian education are lapped up and snapped up immediately.

A contribution to qualitative, relevant literature

An enormous amount of qualitative, relevant literature has resulted over the years during the kindergarten project. This can be used in practice without any problems. The basis is a Christian syllabus which makes God relevant to the everyday lives of the children. Practical tips and ideas and extensive teaching material for pre- and primary school ages complement the theoretical material. For example, play and picture books, colouring books, DVDs and music CDs.
By founding a publishing house in Romania we are able to make this material available to a larger public. In this way we are able to sustainably invest in the lives of the 4 million children in the country and to offer long-awaited teaching material to staff.
Last but not least, in this way, we also support the country´s own economy by creating jobs and awarding printing contracts inland.

Wie kannst du helfen?

Der Missionsverlag versucht die Bücher so kostengünstig wie möglich zu verkaufen. Mit ihrer Spende ermöglichen sie den Druck von pädagogisch wertvollen Büchern und Lehrmaterialien für Kinder, Erzieherinnen, Grundschullehrer und Sonntagschulmitarbeiter.
Sie haben die Möglichkeit sich an verschiedenen Projekten zu beteiligen und erhalten dafür eine Urkunde:

  • Druck von 500 Praxisbüchern - Kostenpunkt: 2.400 €
  • Druck von 1.000 Bilderbüchern - Kostenpunkt: 1.400 €
  • Druck von 2.500 Ausmalbüchern - Kostenpunkt: 800 €