Why a Kids Club?

In order to nurture the seeds which have been sown in the children´s hearts during their time at kindergarten, further additional attractive activities are required which can be done during the week or as special highlights during the year. When the children leave kindergarten, contact with unchurched families is often broken.

In the inner cities or in the villages there are thousands or unreached children who just hang around after school, bored and just waiting for someone to help them. Here there is an enormous opportunity to invest good values into their lives and to prevent the drop of values prevalent in society.

Offering alternatives, unveiling potential

This is why we started the Kids´ Clubs for school children. Once a week they meet for 2 hours in the kindergarten or church. They love listening to the Bible stories, making things, singing or playing cool games. They have loads of excitement and fun. The children are looked after by church staff or kindergarten teachers who are trained by us and who obtain their material, visual aids and games from us.

Three months summer holidays can be very long! We are setting up one-week, varied, evangelistic holiday programmes in which we want to reach children from socially weak families who can´t afford to go on a camp.

Wie kannst du helfen?

Mit Ihrer Spende unterstützen sie die Arbeit der Kids Club und sorgen dafür, dass die Mitarbeiter immer genügend Material haben um mit den Kindern zu spielen und zu basteln. Wie strahlen dann die Kinderaugen, wenn als besonderer Höhepunkt Getränke und Knabbereien angeboten werden oder sie an einem Ferienprogramm teilnehmen dürfen.

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